C.O.P.E.D. -Children of Parents Experiencing Dependencies

Turning Gears is starting a new pilot program for high school students who have a parent in recovery for any kind of addiction. The goal of the program is for students to learn coping skills for life stressors, improve self-confidence, meet peers in similar situations for peer support and to learn job seeking skills to encourage employment for a healthy transition to adulthood.

  • The start date is June 12, 2017 to run through August 5, 2017.
  • For high school aged students.
  • 12 openings available for the program.
  • Transportation is provided.

C.O.P.E.D. will meet every Monday for the first eight weeks and then once a month thereafter for a peer support group. C.O.P.E.D. activities will include:

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Meditation
  • Job seeking skills-creating a resume, filling out applications, interview training


Any high school student interested in registering for the program should contact Mary Ann Thompson at 330-759-0566 or 330-240-4996