Employment Center

The¬†Employment Center is a newly renovated facility with designated spaces for job seeking and skill building activities. The Center will be a resource for OOD Participants, Temp-to-Hire Clients, High School Students, as well as individuals in recovery programs and with criminal backgrounds. Computer stations will be available for job searching and will be monitored by Turning Gears’ staff to provide assistance.


The Employment Center¬†will house Turning Gears’ Temp-to-Hire department, with the goal of collaborating with companies to permanently hire individuals. 90% of our cases are successfully closed after 90 days of employment and Turning Gears wants to share that success with other companies. The Temp-to-Hire department will assist companies with reducing their hiring costs, by providing them with individuals selected for the positions the companies need.


The Employment Center will also run a program for High School students starting October 15, 2018 from 4 pm-6:40 pm. This program will be offered to 20 high school students, teaching them how to complete applications, interview, and preparing them to obtain employment. In addition to job seeking skills, the students will participate in activities to build confidence and soft skills necessary for employment. The students will participate in dance lessons offered by A Time to Dance and a meditation course taught by The Yoga Room. On May 13, 2019, the students will provide a dance program to the community, in addition to discussing their success in obtaining and maintaining employment.