Our Team

Turning Gears believes in the value of a diverse workforce. Utilizing their strongest work characteristics allows individuals to contribute to the company in their fullest capacity, which is why 85% of our employees have come directly from our program.


Mary Ann Thompson

Director/Job Developer (2004)


Frank Hunkus

Job Developer & Training Coordinator (2005)


Kevin Staul

Training Consultant (2005)


David Dills

Training Consultant (2007)


Brie Sudzina

Job Developer (2010)


Mark Morocco

Support Staff (2012)


Geoffrey Forester

Support Staff (2013)


Vijay Welch

Job Developer (2014)


Carolyn French

Job Developer (2015)


Robert Ortz

Job Development Coordinator (2015)


Robin Clingerman

Support Staff (2016)


Theresa Kay

Job Developer (2017)


Genevieve Connors

Office Staff (2017)